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The Independent Code of Governance for Non-Profits in South Africa

The Independent Code of Governance for Non-Profits in South Africa (The Independent Code) is a code of good governance for the nonprofit sector in South Africa developed through extensive consultation with the sector over the past two year. For more information, refer to http://nonprofitgovernance.org.za.
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African Youth Day Conference 2011

The Organisation of African Youth (OAYouth) is the youth platform for information exchange, forum for debate on African issues and a network of future political, corporate, academic, literary, religious and traditional leaders in all African contexts.

The African Youth Day was declared and adopted by the African Union (AU) in 2006 to be commemorated on 1 November each year. It has since evolved as the most powerful platform of young people of Africa.

WASH Media Awards 2011-2012

The Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) and the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) welcome entries for the fourth edition of the WASH Media Awards. This competition is open to journalists who publish or broadcast original investigative stories and reports on water supply, sanitation or hygiene (WASH) related issues and their impact on individual and country development.

Resource Mobilisation Strategy for NGOs/NPOs



NPO/NGO’s today are challenge with meeting their critical resources and extensive fund mobilisation for sustainability. To support with an inadequate planning techniques, the changing trend of donor funding NPO/NGO. This workshop seeks to strengthen the danger of survival/sustainability. This workshop seeks to help in developing critical strategies for NGO/NPO’s, in meeting these trends and aligning to their organisational objectives for funding and sustainability.

Multichoice Criticised Over Porn Channel

Solidarity Helping Hand, a NGO affiliated to mine workers union Solidarity, has come out against Multichoice's decision to test the viability of a pornography channel.

In response to Multichoice’s decision, Solidarity Helping Hands, launched a campaign urging South Africans to vote against the proposal and by sending in an email.

In a press statement, the organisation’s executive director, Danie Langer, says the channel could lead to an increase in child molestation.

OUT Launches ‘Know Your Status Day’

OUT LGBT Well-being, a gay health rights organisation, has initiated a campaign ‘Know your status Day’, which it hopes will effectively respond to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Prism HIV and STI nurse at OUT LGBT Well-being’s Elmie Munday points out that the aim of ‘Know Your Status Day’ is to increase the need for people to go for regular HIV testing.


NGO Services

NGO Services
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