Activist Watching their Leaders at WEF

Aids activists took to the streets sporting a giant inflatable eyeball outside where world leaders have met to highlight how the global economic crisis spells out dire consequences for already weak healthcare throughout Africa.

Protestors from Congress of the South Africa Trade Unions (COSATU), Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and other groups are using the eyeball motif used by activists at the G8 meeting in Scotland to signify the public is watching that leaders make good on their promises.

AIDS Stabilising in South Africa

A national study released this week has found that South Africa's AIDS epidemic appears to be stabilising, with infections among children and teenagers declining.

"There are promising findings of a changing pattern of HIV infection among children and youth," says HSRC chief executive officer, Olive Shisana.

"The good news is that the change in HIV prevalence in children is most likely attributable to the successful implementation of several HIV-prevention interventions," she said.

SABC Board Chairperson Urged to Resign

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) Board has passed a vote of no confidence against its chairperson, Kanyisiwe Mkhonza.

Some board members have asked Mkhonza to resign after she was accused of being at the centre of the controversies that have pushed the SABC to the brink of collapse.

"Board members met two weeks ago to tell her that they think she should go, in the interests of ensuring (that) the organisation is able to rise from the crisis," says one board member.

Support the Call for a Comprehensive National Broadband Strategy for South Africa

Access to cheaper and affordable broadband will present NGOs and all other sectors of South African society with significant opportunities to improve the impact and competitiveness of their activities.

The South African National Broadband Forum is an initiative of four organisations (Association for Progressive Communications, SANGONeT, the Shuttleworth Foundation and South Africa Connect) which share the goal of cheaper and affordable Internet access for South Africa.

South African NGOs and the Financial Crisis - What is your experience?

Over the past few months local and international news has been dominated by information and analysis on the scope and implications of the global financial crisis. As with all sectors of society, the local NGO sector has not escaped the fall-out of the crisis. Their sources of funding are under increasing pressure as individual donors have less deposable income, corporate bottom lines have shrunk and international grant flows have slowed.

UCT Launches CSI Postgrad Qualification

The University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business (GSB) is launching South Africa’s first specialised postgraduate programme in corporate social investment (CSI) from June 2009.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice in CSI (PGDIP CSI) is a landmark offering that will provide a comprehensive CSI curriculum and give South Africans the framework to align CSI with core business strategy to make it sustainable and successful.

Hogan Calls for Regional AIDS Plan

Health Minister Barbara Hogan has called for a regional plan to deal with the HIV pandemic and tuberculosis.

Addressing more than 4 000 delegates at the fourth South African AIDS Conference last week, Hogan pointed out that it is foolish to think that South Africa could scale up prevention and treatment in isolation from its neighbouring countries.


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