​NGOs, CSOs, Praises for Improving Education

Ilala Municipal Council in Dar es Salaam has praised the involvement of civil society organisations and non-governmental organisations in improving the education of children in the district's poverty-stricken households.

Ilala Municipal Council education officer, Lukia Gwandu, says that a number of schools in Ilala District still lack educational infrastructure.

Gwandu explains that these organisations have been working hard to complement government efforts in improving reading, writing and basic arithmetic skills for children.

​NGO Commended Over Open Review Forum

Stakeholders in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) have commended Water for People for holding a stakeholder review forum which creates deeper insight into nonprofit activity, fund distribution and impact.

Regional irrigation and water development officer for Southern Region, Phideria Moyo, says the forum is important as it will help in reviewing what is being done in the project areas as well as map the way forward on meeting the set target dates.

​Civil Society Under Serious Attack - CIVICUS

Mandeep Tiwana, head of policy and analysis at CIVICUS, an international organisation representing civil society organisations, points out that, "Civil society freedoms of expression, association and peaceful assembly have been under serious attack in 109 countries around the world in 2015 alone."

Tiwana is of the view that, "One of the main tests of the justness of any society is how it treats its minorities whether there is equality of opportunity for all particularly for disadvantaged populations."

​High Unemployment: More Asylum Seeks in SA

According a report by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), in the midst of staggeringly high unemployment figures, South Africa hosted more asylum seekers than any other country in the world at the end of 2015.

In the first quarter of 2016, unemployment rose to 26.7 percent from 24.5 percent in the fourth quarter of last year.

This translates to more than five million people in South Africa who are actively seeking employment, the figure excludes millions of job seekers who have given up looking for work.

​Be Wary of NGOs, Legislators Told

Parliamentarians have been urged to be wary of non-governmental-organisations who in their bid to discredit local polls, will never appreciate the country's electoral system.

Legislators noted that some non-governmental organisations (NGOs) like the Election Resource Centre would ‘perpetually’ condemn Zimbabwe's electoral system despite improvements that would have been registered.

​Moz CSOs to Embark on Protests

Eleven Mozambican civil society organisations have announced their intention to hold a peaceful march through the streets of central Maputo on 18 June 2016, in protest against the current political and military situation in the country.

The organisers say that the march, under the theme ‘For the Right to Hope’ is being held because of “the situation the country is going through, particularly in the politico-military sphere, with a generalised impact on the circulation of people and goods throughout our territory, damaging the living conditions of the population.”

​NGOs Must Adhere to Guiding Principles

Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Edwin Batshu, has called upon the non-governmental organisation (NGO) Council to adhere to its guiding principles for it to be effective.

Speaking at the National Fund for Civil Society Validation meeting in Gaborone, Minister Batshu, says the NGO Council Policy called for effective participation of all members.

The minister further says the policy also called for an independent NGO, one which did not rely on government for support.

​Tanzania Bans Meeting in Privately-Run Establishments

Slightly over six months after the new government came to power, hotel businesses fashioned to host conferences have sounded an alarm of hardship in doing business.

This follows the government order banning ministries, government departments and agencies (MDAs) holding conferences and other meetings in privately-run establishments.

President John Magufuli ordered, instead, the use of ministries' boardrooms and publicly owned facilities as part of instituting financial discipline and cutting costs of running the government.

Child Road Safety Programme Launched

The Vision for Alternative Development (VALD), in partnership with PUMA Energy Foundation and Amend, a road safety non-governmental organisation, has launched a child road safety programme at the St. Joseph Anglican School in Accra.

The programme is part of Amend and PUMA Energy Foundation's 10- country campaign to educate and protect more than 115,000 school children across the continent from road traffic injury.

​Call for NGOs to Include People With Disabilities

The Federation for Disability of Malawi (FEDOMA) has asked the country’s non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to include people with disabilities into their activities in order for them to have their representatives in each and every sector.

Becky Hola, who is the project assistant of the disability inclusive in the programming project which is under FEDOMA, says that most of NGOs fail to include disabled people in their activities.


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