Kenyan Election Official Resigns

 A Kenyan election official yesterday resigned a week ahead of a disputed repeat of the presidential election, saying the poll would not be credible because the electoral commission was “under siege”.

“The commission in its current state can surely not guarantee a credible election on October 26. I do not want to be party to such a mockery of electoral integrity,” Roselyn Akombe said from New York, after fleeing Kenya.

World Food Day Focus on the Undernourished

Monday marks World Food Day. This day is an occasion that brings the spotlight to the millions of undernourished people in the world.

World Food Day is commemorated annually on the 16th of October in remembrance of founding the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

This organisation thrives on eradicating hunger, food insecurity and hunger.

Managing Director of KFC South Africa Doug Smart says that there are 3.2 million children that go to school hungry every day in South Africa.

#metoo Floods Social Media

Thousands of women around the world who have been sexually harassed or assaulted are using the hastag #metoo on social media to highlight the extent of the problem.

In the wake of allegations against movie producer Harvey Weinstein that he sexually harassed or assaulted women, Twitter and Facebook have ignited with personal stories of abuse.

It started on Sunday with American actress Alyssa Milano calling on Twitter users to write "Me too" if they have ever been sexually assaulted or harassed to "give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem."

Obese Woman Kills Cousin by Sitting On Her

A morbidly obese woman from Florida in the U.S. is suspected of killing her nine-year-old cousin after sitting on her for more than 10 minutes as "punishment".

According to Pensacola News Journal, Veronica Green Posey (64), who weighs in at 150kg, was on Monday released on bail of $125,000 (R1.7-million) after being charged with homicide and cruelty.

The parents of young Dericka Lindsay -- Joan Smith and James Smith -- have been charged with child negligence and are in custody. Reports state that the parents called Posey to assist with disciplining Dericka.

23 Dead in California Wildfires

More than 200 fire engines and fire fighting crews from around the country were being rushed to California on Wednesday to help battle infernos which have left at least 23 people dead and thousands homeless.

"This is a serious, critical, catastrophic event," California fire Chief Ken Pimlott told reporters.

"We're not going to be out of the woods for a great number of days to come."

Windows 10 Mobile no Longer a Focus

The company's Windows 10 chief has tweeted that developing new features and hardware for the Mobile version of the OS was no longer a "focus".

Joe Belfiore added that he had also switched to Android himself.

Windows 10 Mobile tried to attract users by letting them run the same "universal apps" on both their PCs and handsets, but the concept failed to catch on.

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Over 1.5 Million African Pupils Go to School Hungry - UN

In a Monday news release the UN World Food Programme (WFP) said that more than 1.5 million children across West and Central Africa risked going to school hungry or dropping out altogether as the 2018-2019 year kicked off.

“School meals are one of the best investments the international community can make to ensure a headstart for young children in some of the world's poorest countries,” said Abdou Dieng, West and Central Africa Regional Director of the WFP.

In many areas of the region, WFP is the sole or main provider of school meals.

Egypt Releases 24 Nubians Arrested for Protesting

Moustafa el-Hassan says the court in the southern city of Aswan ruled on Tuesday that the defendants should be released pending trial on charges that include protesting illegally and receiving funds from foreign sources. Bail was set at about $60 each.

They were arrested after setting out on a march in Aswan demanding their constitutional right to return to their ancestral land around the lake formed by the Aswan High Dam.

Hurricane Irma: Quarter of Florida Keys Homes 'Destroyed'

The latest images show homes torn apart after the storm pummelled the region with winds of up to 120mph (192km/h).

Search and rescue teams are moving through the worst affected areas with emergency supplies of food and water.

US President Donald Trump will visit Florida on Thursday to view the damage caused as Irma tore through the state.

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