Video: A Crucial Component in Raising Awareness and Attracting Investment

Charities and voluntary organisations play a pivotal role in society, and yet, inevitably, often face financial challenges which threaten both their causes, and continued existences. In order to raise awareness and generate funds amidst a plethora of other organisations all asking members of the corporate and private sectors to “dig deep”, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), nonprofit organisations (NPOs) and related associations need to make their unique stories and needs stand out in a crowd.

One obvious way is to harness the power of sight, sound and motion, in a professional, well-produced video package.

Video has obvious benefits. It can:

  • Communicate your organisation’s goal, mission and vision better than you can;
  • Showcase successful past, present and future projects; 
  • Generate awareness of your cause;
  • Raise funds from potential new donors and sponsors; and
  • Show existing funders how their money is spent. 

In a highly competitive environment, NGOs and nonprofit organisations that have not yet taken advantage of this powerful, engaging, storytelling tool, are losing the edge.

A word of caution, though, for those considering the services of amateur producers, so as to cut costs: a badly-filmed and poorly-produced video will neither win you new friends (in the form of supporters and donors), nor, ultimately, further your cause. The old adage ‘penny-wise, pound-foolish’ still rings true - because nobody wants to watch bad video.

If you want to share your passion, and inspire and motivate others to give generously, you need professional assistance.

A solid background in film and television production (both corporate and broadcast), enables 34 South Media and associates to offer an affordable, full-service package across the digital spectrum, focusing on punchy, innovative marketing solutions, with guaranteed audience appeal.
Every cause has a story to tell. And a well-produced video can bring those stories to life.

- Jerome Mouton is creative director at 34 South Media.

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