South African NGOs and the Financial Crisis - What is your experience?

Over the past few months local and international news has been dominated by information and analysis on the scope and implications of the global financial crisis. As with all sectors of society, the local NGO sector has not escaped the fall-out of the crisis. Their sources of funding are under increasing pressure as individual donors have less deposable income, corporate bottom lines have shrunk and international grant flows have slowed.

As a result, the crisis impacts on all NGOs - big and small, urban and rural, local and international. For some the impact has been immediate, for others the real impact will only be known in months to come.

An interesting development in this regard has been the coverage by the local media, both print and radio, of the implications of the financial crisis for NGOs in South Africa.

The following articles illustrate this point:

NGOs face cash crunch due to financial crisis

Charities, NGOs funds 'drying up'

NGOs feel the pinch of recession

NGOs struggle to find funding due credit crunch

However, much more needs to be researched, analysed and discussed about the issues highlighted in these articles in order to develop a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of their impact on local NGOs. Lessons learned in this regard could provide all stakeholders with an interest in the role and well-being of local NGOs with important information for future reference.

To assist with this process, SANGONeT will be documenting the experiences of local NGOs as a result of the impact of the financial crisis on their work. Through regular updates on NGO Pulse, we will highlight the views and opinions of different NGOs, report on feedback about NGOs that have closed down or which require urgent support, focus on funders that are changing their programme areas or experiencing budget cuts, and highlight NGOs which are implementing innovative new fundraising approaches or streamlining their activities.

Different NGOs will experience the financial crisis differently, and it is this diversity that we would like to capture and share with the NGO sector at large.

If you would like to share your experience and feedback with others in the NGO sector, forward your comments and contributions to - - or post your thoughts and ideas to the community forum on NGO Pulse.

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