#SANGO10 - “Fundraising in the Digital World”

The 6th Annual SANGONeT “ICTs for Civil Society” Conference (#SANGO10) will be held in three parts from 1-6 September 2010.

Following the success of the previous five SANGONeT annual events, the 2010 conference will focus on “Fundraising in the Digital World”.

The main event will be held from 1-2 September 2010 in Johannesburg, followed by one-day seminars in Durban on 3 September 2010 and Cape Town on 6 September 2010.

Ted Hart, a leading US fundraising expert, will be the keynote speaker at the conference, and also present the seminars in Durban and Cape Town. He is the CEO of P2PFundraising and TedHart.Com, and Founder and CEO at GreenNonprofits.org.

Raising money through the Internet, mobile phones and other online applications is gaining international importance. This is particularly evident, especially during high-profile events such as disasters, political campaigns and targeted multi-channel media efforts that draw attention to a particular cause or campaign.

According to Ted Hart, global Internet fundraising generated more than $29 billion in 2008.

Similarly, the recent earthquake in Haiti marked a turning point in the development of mobile giving. According to mGive, the company that worked with the American Red Cross to set up a SMS donation campaign in the wake of the disaster, more than 2.5 million people texted $10 pledges to Haiti relief in the week immediately following the earthquake. And this was just one of many mobile giving campaigns that were created to help fund relief efforts.

The challenge for NGOs, fundraisers and other development stakeholders in South Africa is to ensure that they are prepared to embrace and maximise the opportunities presented by a fast changing digital world.

Although only a small percentage of local NGOs are actively involved in fundraising through the Internet and mobile phones, a number of factors will contribute to accelerated growth in this area over the next few years. These include the growing number of South Africans with access to the Internet, the fact that most South Africans already own a mobile phone, the ongoing reduction in Internet costs, more NGOs with their own websites, the increasingly relevance and popularity of social networking platforms, a growing middle class and a significant expatriate community with an interest in supporting good causes back home.

Furthermore, the 2009 “State of ICTs in the South African NGO Study” survey confirmed that local NGOs are becoming mainstream users of technology and are increasingly thinking about the role and relevance of the online environment in support of their work.

To register, and for more information about the conference, refer to www.ngopulse.org/conf2010.

We look forward to your participation in 2010 SANGONeT Conference!

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