Request for Sponsorship: Laptops

Friday, November 16, 2012 - 14:29

Living through Learning is a non-governmental organisation working in the education sector. Living through Learning run a bridging college incorporating practical STEM learning and technology. Our students are bridged into technical tertiary degrees at University.

Living through Learning is in urgent need of 35 laptops for our students for TEACH.

We have a service provider able to offer the following:

  • Dell D630 refurbished laptops;
  • R2 392.86 each (discounted price).
We are looking for sponsorship of the 35 laptops. The total cost is: R83 750.10. We are happy for the service provider to be paid directly.
Please contact Lindsay on 021 761 2842 or e-mail to
For more about Living through Learning, refer to



Hi, Abundant Life is a Non Profit Organisation based in South Afrca. Abundant Life is a Christian based organisation dealing with the youth addicted in drugs, vulnerable kids and abused women. We educate them about the dangers and the negative effects of taking drugs. We engage them in various activities and also help them by applying the word of God in their lives. Abundant Life is in need for a sponsorship of the 10 laptops for the Management stuff to store in the organisation's information, programmes and also to do researches and other necessary work like typing of documents. We have a reliable service provider who's able to offer Lenovo laptops at R2800 each (discounted price). The total price for 10 Laptops is= R28000.00. We also have the quotations. Thank you in advance and God bless you For more information please contact Ms Thobile on 073 451 0266 or email : abundantlife@work
Hello. I am a student and was rtecently offered a bursary to study medicine in Cuba. I therefore need a sponsor with laptop for it is needed in this field. Please contact me by e-mail if willing to help, thank you.
Good day! I am working towards establishing a Science, Maths and Technology Innovation Centre. The goal is to enroll at-risk achievers (learners living vulnerable lives in some of Cape Town most crime ridden and poverty stricken neighbourhoods) to provide them with personal tutoring and support. We will strive towards an outcome that help these at-risk achievers to secure good matric results in especially STEM subjects. If anyone same similar interest or can assist making this vision come true do not hesitate to contact me on Regards, and remember Today's Achievement Is Tomorrows Motivation!
we help for our school buildings which is collapsing..thanks
Please we are deeply looking for any NGO that will help us complete our death trap school building.The chief and the elders will be much please for your help..thanks.
Good afternoon. I am a first year student at the University of Pretoria. I really need a laptop to do my work, like assignments. Well a laptop makes things easy an fast. I really need a sponsor, please help me. I am from South Africa. Thanks in advance. my e-mail address:
Hello,am one of the youth with passion to build and develop the community especially the Youth. We have an existing registered information centre,where we provide relevant information to the youth,such as Technical skills,entrepreneural skills and net surfing. We are situated in a remote area where they are expected to walk long kilometres to access the information. Now we ask donations of 10 laptops, to help disadvantaged youth to access information via internet.
Greetings: I am studying in Adama Science and Technology University. I will graduates in the next year on June 2014. According to my academic advisor, personal computer (laptop) and digital camera are needed for my research work and to present term paper for the next many courses. My income is very small. Therefore, I can not buy these materials,that's why I send you this E-mail.I need your help. Please help me, if you have second hand laptop and digital camera. Thank you for your understanding, Kefelegn Sahle From Ethiopia Contact address kefelegn sahle P.O Box 260 Zeway- Ethiopia
Hi We are the non profit organisation SABHIBA Tele-Centre we requesting a donation of 10 laptops to assist the comunity to access internet in the informal settlement, my email address is
Good Day Please be advisesd that i need to orgonize pageant fisrt ever in vosloorus, so i need sponsorship as the show is not profit aimed, but to raise funds for charities and old age home. please assist.