Reporting at Intersections

When I agreed to be a rapporteur I didn’t anticipate that it would be challenging. Besides, how difficult could it be to just report what I had heard? This was certainly not the case. At the outset it was fascinating to learn how partners were working with rights in their contexts and. It was clear that this was not easy especially when partners hit deadlock when they tried to address any violations. Following the sessions along the “beyond access” thematic area proved to be both informative, enlightening and in some instances challenging.

It was a difficult balancing act to listen to what others had to say about their experiences in working with rights. Sometimes we are selective about what information we choose to hear and process based on our own prejudices and biases. I had to remind myself that my role was to report what I heard and not my interpretation of what I heard. I guess this was the lesson I had learnt at the intersections conference. Perhaps this is a skill we need to master when we choose to be advocates for others.

By Urvarshi Rajcoomar

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