A Matter of Trust

A case study of the Children’s Hospital Trust’s fundraising success
The Children’s Hospital Trust (the Trust) is widely considered to be one of the most successful fundraising organisations in South Africa, having raised over R420 million for the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital and Paediatric Healthcare in the Western Cape since its inception in 1994.
A Matter of Trust is a compelling case study based on the experience gained and the lessons learned by the Trust translated into best practice within the arena of fundraising. The book is a beneficial read for any professional working in the philanthropic sector in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa.
A Matter of Trust details the challenges that the Trust has faced, as well as opportunities that the Trust has created through strategic and innovative methods. In describing the Trust’s ethos, strategies and protocols, the case study is a useful ‘how to’ guide for nonprofit organisations to operate effectively and grow in the current socio-political environment while building a successful brand.
The book outlines critical elements that every nonprofit organisation should embrace in order to gain competitive advantage. These include engaging, consulting and relationship building with key stakeholders and funders, as well as building and maintaining a reputation for excellence and integrity in order to engender a significant amount of positive public sentiment and support.
The unique and practical publication showcases two of the Trust’s most successful fundraising campaigns and highlights the factors that have contributed to this success in such a way that similar organisations can transfer these principles to projects and campaigns they are embarking upon. In telling the story of the Children’s Hospital Trust’s formation and of its consequent success, A Matter of Trust endeavours to contribute to the growing spirit of philanthropy in the country and to demonstrate the gains made in paediatric healthcare in the region.
Who should read this book?
Anyone who is interested in effective fundraising and is motivated to strengthen the non-profit sector, particularly:

  • Nonprofit leaders seeking insight into principles that can ensure greater success for their organisations;
  • Donors and philanthropists who require a framework from which charitable organisations can be assessed to determine viability and sustainability;
  • Business leaders who wish to ensure that their companies are good corporate citizens through working with effective nonprofits; and
  • Students and academics who are eager to learn more about the non-profit sector and the inner workings of a non-profit organisation.

To purchase a copy contact:
The Children’s Hospital Trust
Fundraiser for the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital & Paediatric Healthcare in the Western Cape
Tel: 021 686 7860
Fax: 021 686 7861
E-mail: cht@chtrust.org.za
Facebook: www.facebook.com/childrenshospitaltrust
Twitter: @chtrust1
For more about the Children’s Hospital Trust, refer to www.childrenshospitaltrust.org.za.

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