Lottery Funding and the NGO Sector

Monday, June 29, 2009 - 06:05
Concerns about delays in the distribution of lottery funding to NGOs are once again in the news. With many NGOs already taking financial strain or having to respond to ever-increasing demands for services as a result of the economic crisis, serious questions have to be raised about the ongoing inefficiencies at the National Lottery.

The six members of the National Lottery Board each earned at least R1.2 million during the past year, while available funding was not disbursed. In the 2008/9 financial year, only R948 million of an available R3.3 billion was disbursed, in the 2007/8 financial year only R634 million of R2.9 billion was disbursed and in the 2006/7 financial year, only R792 million of R2.1billion.

At the same, more than 500 000 needy South Africans, many of them women and children, could be plunged into further desperation as many South African NGOs face a funding crisis.A recent Sunday Times article revealed that NGOs, which represent 30% of social services in the country, would have R3 billion less to spend on crucial development issues this year because of the recession.

As every sector of the South Africa economy is feeling the impact of the global financial crisis, and various measures are being considered to support the economy in this challenging time, why is the government or specialised agencies geared towards the work of the NGO sector, such as the Lottery, not considering special funding arrangements for NGOs?

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Is it prohibited for a crèche to apply for funding? we in dire stress for a new wing to accommodate our children,looking into leasing a service site from the local municipality, but we don't have funds, the children accommodated at the school is mostly- grand dependant and their parents is living for the minimum wage on the farms, please contact me if we can applied for funding.
We as Lower Qoqo S.P.S. applied for funding,declined,we appealed & declined once more but the decision was later reviewed and told to wait for further correspondence since December 2013 but up to date nothing sent to us as the school,can you assist here as soon as possible. Our funding number is 58801 from lotto charities fund.We were applying for funding so as to build classrooms,administration block,toilets & doing some paving.
Dear Sir My name is albert mogapi, acting principal for ebongo day care centre in Kimberley northern cape, we would like to apply for funding for our school. we got 210 children, 14 staff members working on everyday basis, we would like to build classes for the children this year. if so, it will be with great pleasure to help our kids and others for the future. contacts: 053-8713712, 0839906737, email.
Dear sir/madam, the name of our co-operative is Morojaneng Lekoko situated in Free State a small town from north Bloemfontein, called Dewetsdorp. the business is currently trading with pork, we ask any assistance of funding to sustain and expand our business, as part of job creation and skill transfere
We are a registered non-profit organization created to offer youth development, assist youth,women structures and co-operatives with capacity building. To help them establish Public Private Partnerships, so that these facilities and structures can provide quality care and be self sustainable. Our Objectives: to offer educational and socio-economic assistance to learners who are currently doing grade 10,11 & 12-assist in getting sponsors and bursaries for further studies. To create awareness on Alcohol, Drugs and substance abuse in all our local schools. Lifestyle and career guidance also on teenage pregnancy.
Dear Sir / Madam My name is Isaac Lepitla, working for organization called Youth In Action Centre that deal with Hiv Aids in the following Sectors: Trucks and Taxi drivers. Informal Settlement, Gays & lesbians, shops and Taverns in Gauteng Soweto. We educate about Hiv / Aids in those sectors and distribute condoms & health related pamphlets to communities. we running Balimi Project in food gardening, we have adopted one school regarding this project. our organization would appreciate your assist. our access number is 081 478 1570. Please give us access to your funding forms
Dear Sir/Madam Re: Funding for a crèche We are a registered non-profit organization called Intandokazi Community Based Organization, registration number 0 83 – 317, located in Nkobongo Shakaskraal, Stanger, KwaZuluNatal. Our organization is a community crèche project aimed at keeping and feeding kids that are in need hence families cannot afford to raise them with good nutrition and help parents while they are at work by keeping and teaching kids. Our age group is from 0 to 5 years. We have volunteers that are helping to keep the organization going but we do not have even a year closing party where we can give them food parcels, please help us with funding. We have 60+ kids that we take care of, we even go beyond our aim by helping the needy in the community as poverty is extreme in our area. The HIV/Aids projects is our target because a lot of people in the community are attacked by this scourge and they come to look for something while we feed kids, in that we cannot isolate them and this becomes a norm as they know that they get something. It becomes a sad moment when they are not getting food if our food is small due to budget constraints because we do this from members’ pockets as we do not have sponsors. We would really appreciate your assistance in funding our organization as we need funding to keep this going and expand it; our community is in indeed in need.
By Sheila Thomas Good day Sir/Madam We as Tshwaranang OVC would like to upgrade the standad of our organisation to assist the community with skils income generating projects.We would really appreciate your assistance in funding our organisation, as we need funding for the operational costs
Rethabile Pre-school is situated at the deep rural villages at Elias Motsoaledi munic. in the Limpopo Province. We therefore, reguest application forms for funding .We wish to upgrade our poor buildings and other relevant equipments for better future of our children.
We are a school and we need funding concerning projects but we are not sure of the the closing date for submitting forms? Can I have it,please.