Electricity Crisis

Dear Editor

Thanks for the latest newsletter. I was keen to read the item on the Electricity Crisis.

We are a combined workshop and retail outlet, selling high end pieces of beadwork. A large part of what we do is the production of a range of beaded lighting and chandeliers. Currently we wait to see what will happen? Despite being a registered NPO, with a good track record, four successful audits and a number of awards, we (as is the case with many NPO’s) find it almost impossible to access many of the multi-millions in the hands of Govt, earmarked to support us and our work. In the midst of this fuel prices are soaring and interest rates are being hiked. This not only affects our crafters and the quality of their lives, but it erodes the purchasing power of our client base, on a daily basis. With the power outages and rate hikes, confidence in the country and its future, is at an all time low, so our ability to sell (and sustain ourselves) is even further eroded. I am told water supply and prices are next on the list.

As NPO’s, Government could not have drafted a more destructive policy to attack our very survival. I believe in the work that I do, and each day see the incredible talent, skill and abilities in this country. I can only but hope that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. My hope is fading fast, when I see our President meeting with Robert Mugabe and telling us there is no problem in Zimbabwe. We need some hope, and for some good decisions to be made, that see this country and its people progressing.


Robin Opperman
Umcebo Trust

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