Donations of Windows 8 Are Now Available Through SANGOTeCH!

Windows 8 is here!

Eligible organisations can now request donated upgrades of Windows 8 Professional and Enterprise editions through the Microsoft Software Donation Programme at SANGOTeCH.

With a new mobile-friendly design that includes sleek tiles in the place of conventional icons, Windows 8 features an innovative update to the traditional Windows environment. It keeps some aspects of what we are all used to from Windows XP and Windows 7. But it drops the 'Start' button in favour of a new, app-integrated look and easier syncing with cloud-based services. There are also numerous improvements 'under the hood', such as a smaller memory footprint, faster performance than Windows 7, and reduced disk-space requirements.

If you have received a donation of a Windows operating system through SANGOTeCH that included Software Assurance (and it is still current), you can upgrade to Windows 8 at no additional cost.

Easily See What You Can Request

To help you manage your Microsoft donations, we have created the Microsoft Donation Centre. Organisations can easily track what donations they have received so far, what remains of their software allotment, when their cycle resets, and the value of their Microsoft software donations to date. To access the Donation Centre, log into your SANGOTeCH account.

SANGOTeCH has also published two resources which will assist your organisation to decide whether it should upgrade to Windows 8, as well as how to upgrade to Windows 8.

Click here to learn more about SANGOTeCH and Microsoft's latest Windows 8 release.

Also view the product catalogue for other technology products available at SANGOTeCH.

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