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Lest We Forget: Biko Died for an Idea That Will Live

Virtually in every concern of our society we are experiencing what I term the ‘reincarnation’ of Steve Biko's ideas, not that they ever died, but the conversations around Black Consciousness can go by unnoticed. In my spare time I spend most of my time conversing to ordinary, sometimes fairly educated, ‘semi-elitist’ friends and acquaintances about this that and the other.

Celebrating Human Rights in a Changing Global Context: The Role of Civil Society

Globally, the role of civil society has never been as important as it is today when the world seeks to implement the newly-agreed upon United Nations’ (UN) sustainable development goals (SDGs). Remarkably, all the parties to the UN, which includes most countries across the globe, including South Africa, agreed on these goals as binding and important in advancing the cause of humanity. However, they have been adopted against a backdrop of a changing global development and political architecture.

Ending Violence against Women, Girls and Children: The Role of Civil Society

Violence against women, girls and children are one of the most pervasive and barbaric violations of human rights. It is shameful that a society that prides itself on being progressive and undeniably modern in many respects is also one characterised by appalling atrocities meted against their own flesh and blood so to say. This state of affairs warrants serious attention from everyone who truly believes in the ideal of an equal and just society Violence against women, girls and children reverses the gains of democracy and threatens peace and development across the globe.

Too Thirsty! Water Scarcity and the Role of Civil Society in South Africa

Water scarcity in South Africa has not come as a surprise. In fact, national government through its communications agency, Government Communication and Information System (GCIS), has chronicled and extensively communicated the dire situation that has beleaguered South Africa for a long while as a water scarce nation. The main problem seems to be a general lack of strategic planning compounded by operational inefficiencies at local government level.

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