Creating Better Tomorrows… From the Ashes of Today

The Papillon Foundation (Papillon) was registered as a nonprofit organisation and public benefit organisation in 2002 and staffed by a loyal group of volunteers. The organisation has delivered amazing services over the years. The motto headlined above, describes what the work of this charity and social outreach organisation entails, as new hope and new beginnings are being realised for unemployed community members.

Apart from their huge amount of charity work in poor communities, Papillon also strives to bring fully accredited skills training courses to the public in structured and subsidised, social outreach projects. This gives many people, who cannot afford fees at South Africa’s tertiary institutions, an opportunity to obtain the best quality qualifications in order to find employment or to start their own business.
Some 7 100 community members of all ages and races from all over Gauteng have already graduated from several of the training programmes that are presented by Papillon in Rosettenville, South of Johannesburg. Graduates receive authentic and fully accredited certificates.

Some 695 donated and refurbished computers were also placed at worthy causes across South Africa through Papillon’s MAR project. Another 390 computers are currently being prepared for distribution to worthy causes. The computers are sold at low cost to causes that work with the poor and previously disadvantaged. The organisation has also assisted several communities to establish their own community computer training centres.

60 percent of Papillon’s funding is self-generated and it is simply stunning to see the successful outcomes that they generate on a tiny budget.

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