Commentary on the Krugersdorp Sex-Tape Scandal

As I write this I am angry and confused. As a woman, social activist and researcher, I feel the need to address the issue of the ‘scandalous sex-tape’ between the male prison warden and female police officer in Krugersdorp.  I have both seen the video and followed the story in the media, on Facebook and Twitter and am still struggling to understand what is happening about this incident from a leadership point of view as well as a gendered and human rights perspective. It is from this departure point that I would like to share my humble opinion on the matter.

From the stories in the media, the male warden and police woman had accompanied an inmate to a hospital in Krugersdorp, while the inmate was being attended to, the two law enforcement officials engaged in the sex act which was filmed without the informed consent of the woman. This lack of informed consent for the filming and distribution of the tape sets the issue as a gross violation of the woman’s human rights, right to dignity, right to privacy, right to give consent and ultimately the right to self-determination about one’s body and how it is used and portrayed. It also highlights the intent of the male official in secretly recording the incident.

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