Call for Stakeholder Input: National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund Funding

The National Lotteries Board (NLB) was established in terms of the Lotteries Act (No 57 of 1997) to regulate the National Lottery as well as other lotteries, including society lotteries to raise funds and promotional competitions. The NLB also advises the Minister of Trade and Industry on policy matters relating to the National Lottery and other lotteries.

The NLB invites stakeholders to make contributions that will assist in identifying funding priorities areas in line with the July 2010 Government Regulations and other related legislation.

Input from stakeholders involved in the fields of arts culture and national heritage (including environment); charities; sport and recreation and miscellaneous purposes will assist in the prioritisation of areas of funding for the 2012 call for applications. It is hoped that a maximum of five priority areas for funding in each sector will be identified.

Stakeholders should identify five priority areas for funding within their sectors e.g. children (charities sector), film (arts, culture and national heritage (including environment) sector), youth sport development (sport and recreation sector), etc.

This intervention is anticipated to shape the future of the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF), especially since funds are limited and the number of NGOs needing assistance increases with each call for application.

Stakeholders are required to refer to the Regulations as outlined in the Government Gazette No. 9340, Vol. 541 of 20 July 2010 for guidance.

The published regulations indicate at least 50 percent of funding must be directed towards rural, underprivileged and poor communities.

The NLB has extended the date for submission to 22 May 2012 at 13h00.

Responses should be forwarded to the e-mails below as per your residential province:

To obtain the input form, refer to

For those stakeholders without Internet access, the forms and information can be obtained by calling 086 0065 383.

For more about the National Lotteries Board, refer to


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