Are You Struggling to Get Your Organisation Accredited With the Relevant SETA?

Young Minds Peer Group (YMPG) is a nonprofit organisation that actively involves the community in the battle against, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, skills shortage and human abuse in a way that is appealing to them. YMPG assists parents to keep the lines of communication open between them and their children, and mobilises young people to become powerful ‘Agents of change’. An agent of change is a young person who is actively involved in making a positive contribution on an individual community and/or national level.

Young Minds Peer Group is offering to help non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that conduct training programmes to have their training material customised and accredited.

Most NGOs are not accredited with any relevant SETA. This raises a question on the quality of the training material they use and the certification that they issue to people who participate in their programmes. In a country like South Africa, where there is high unemployment rate, it will be fair to conducted training courses that are accredited to enable participants to market themselves to employers.

Young Minds Peer Group will assist you on administration, QMS and the training material developing.

Contact Person: Duduzile Zwane, Mobile: 073 332 6005, E-mail:

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