20 March, 2013

Over the last few months, South Africa has seen an array of strikes at various magnitudes. Although most South Africans think that they are ‘unaffected’ by the violence and riotous behaviour that strikes incite. We must also not forget the ripple effect and the miss-directed anger that comes as part of the wave of violent strikes.

18 March, 2013

The HIV Resource Tracking and the Health Economist directories, both compiled by Health Economic and HIV/AIDS Research Division (HEARD), aims to assist in developing collaborations in the critical field of health economics in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.  

14 March, 2013

Pretoria Portland Cement (PPC) has been involved with Forest Town School for Children with Special Needs since 2007. Initially they refurbished four dismal playgrounds. In 2006, the school established the Work Experience Training Centre due to the almost 100 percent rate of unemployment of youth categorised as having a combination of disabilities, which includes lower cognitive function, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, epilepsy and other complications.   

13 March, 2013

Our guest blogger today is musician and ONE member Slap Dee, who helped to launch the You Choose campaign in Zambia.

In 2000, leaders from 189 nations signed on to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of eight targets designed to significantly reduce global poverty and disease by 2015. In Zambia, we have made some progress since then, child mortality has reduced and more children are in school. Guys, we still need to do more. We are one of the few countries where poverty levels have increased!

12 March, 2013

The Southern African NGO Network (SANGONeT) has once again produced an annual Development Calendar in the form of a year planner.

Sponsored by Turning Point Consultants, the 2013 Development Calendar covers a comprehensive list of international, African and South African dates (e.g. World AIDS Day, 1 December) and events of significance to people and organisations involved in development and civil society issues in Southern Africa.

Copies of the calendar are available for collection from the SANGONeT office in Braamfontein, free of charge.

11 March, 2013

The social change agent‘s mission is to deal with specific social issues.  How this is done becomes a subjective matter. Is it to solve development issues, community social needs or to respond to market failures? Heckett (2010, p 220) further explores this question “Can development be achieved solely through poverty alleviation measures that address market failures with social enterprises?

5 March, 2013

Socrates told us that all thinking begins with wonder.  Nobody would dispute the need for developing thoughtful citizens, but just how do we develop a sense of wonder in children? Through stories, of course. 6 March is World Read Aloud Day - this is a day to celebrate the wonder and delight of reading aloud to children (or the child that lurks within us).

28 February, 2013

Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan, delivered the 2013/4 National Budget to Parliament on 27 February 2013 in Cape Town. This year’s budget was overshadowed by a number of development challenges including the recent de-registration of an estimated 36 000 NGOs and the closure of many others due to lack of donor funding, the shortage of textbooks in disadvantaged schools, increasing incidents of gender-based violence, and the pending introduction of e-tolls, among others.

28 February, 2013

With the State of the Nation Address and the 2013/14 Budget speech behind us, we now more than before have a gripping awareness that the South African reality is one that will need a lot more input before it is what we as South Africans need it to be.

18 February, 2013

By Caroline Lowings

On 7 February 2013, a stellar panel of leading education thought leaders united on stage for the
'No Excuses Schools' conversation event at Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

No excuses board
The panel included:

18 February, 2013

It is that time of the year again.

Following the State of the Nation speech by President Zuma on 14 February 2013, the Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, will deliver the 2013/4 National Budget speech on Wednesday, 27 February 2013, in Cape Town.

As in the past few years, SANGONeT will once again produce a special edition of our weekly NGO Pulse e-newsletter to highlight various civil society responses to the National Budget.

14 February, 2013

On 14 February 2013, President Zuma delivered the State of the Nation Address to Parliament.

For many NGOs and activists, Zuma and the government should invest in intensifying the fight against corruption and gender-based violence, improving education, stimulating job creation and tackling the many socio-economic hardships faced by the poor - since they pose a serious threat to the future of the country’s 19-year old democracy.

17 November, 2012
Perhaps a great deal has already been written about NPO sustainability and impact. But, the social mindset of South Africans is telling a new story. South Africa is said to be the protest capital of the world. This, for any development practitioner raises the questions such as: are we doing enough? It can be said that many corporate social investment (CSI) programmes produce many results on the extent to which they may have funded education or sports or health. How are we putting what we know into concrete action, with tangible benefits and outcomes?
29 October, 2012
Windows 8 is here!

Eligible organisations can now request donated upgrades of Windows 8 Professional and Enterprise editions through the Microsoft Software Donation Programme at SANGOTeCH.
23 October, 2012
The Business Bridge Initiative is on a mission to provide high quality, affordable business training to entrepreneurs on a global scale. Their model is designed to bring education to small business owners through a network of committed professionals who give their time and skills, and partner organisations who provide a range of support services. They are currently training 500 entrepreneurs around Cape Town, inspiring them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make changes in their businesses and their communities.
8 October, 2012

Ambassadors Youth & Community Development (AYCD) has embarked on a programme to reach our nation’s youth, firstly, to engage them in life skills workshops in schools, and secondly, to train, inform, develop and mentor them as young leaders for a better Africa. We hosted a Career Expo in Midrand on 18 August 2012, in partnership with a number of different non-governmental organisations (NGOs), colleges, organisations and businesses from Midrand, Johannesburg. This year’s theme was: ‘Believe It! Achieve It!’

29 August, 2012

The Impact Trust, Nexii’s sister organisation, has begun key research into understanding the optimal regulatory and policy frameworks for social businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa to unlock investment capital for their growth. 

28 August, 2012
The National Department of Social Development hosted a National Nonprofit Organisation (NPO) Summit from 15-17 August 2012 in Johannesburg.

The event focussed on the need to strengthen relationships between government and the NPO sector under the theme, 'Working Together to Fight Poverty, Unemployment and Inequality'.

The following documents were drafted at the event:

Nonprofit Organisations Summit Declaration
20 August, 2012

The KwaZulu-Natal HIV-911 Directory of HIV-Related Services (Series 5) has just been released. 5 000 copies are being disseminated free of charge to health and well-being service providers.

6 August, 2012

The fundraising proposition transcends medium, culture and class. Sometimes it’s given to you on a plate – other times you’ve got work hard to uncover it, but one thing’s for sure – it’s fundamental to a successful fundraising campaign.