15 October, 2009
15 October, 2009
15 October, 2009
15 October, 2009
15 October, 2009
15 October, 2009
15 October, 2009
14 October, 2009
It is almost time for the SANGONeT "Social Media for NGOs" Conference - or #sango09 as we're referring to it all over the web - here are some last minute details:
  • Registration for the conference starts at 9am on Thursday, 15 October 2009
  • The conference itself will start at 10am sharp - please be seated by then!
  • Parking: There is plenty of free parking at the venue - Turnbine Hall in Newtown
14 October, 2009
6 October, 2009
I've had a bit of involvement in the use of cell phones in advocacy and communication campaigns, and for a long time I've believed that most organisations should be taking mobiles much more seriously than they already do.

But some recent meetings have again brought home to me in a powerful way.

14 September, 2009

The headline on the attached copy of Friday's article (11 September, 2009) paints a contradictory and misleading picture of the Addiction Action Campaign and, indeed, the substance of the report itself. The report states very clearly that we support SAB Miller's stance against underage drinking, driving while drunk (as Nkola Motata was convicted of doing) and foetal alcohol syndrome.

11 September, 2009

Shelter for the abused, underserved and homeless

9 September, 2009

SchoolNet is running a youth employability programme for unemployed graduates in Johannesburg.  The aim of the programme is to skill graduates with ICT and life, employability and social skills with a view to them becoming employed as ICT technical support staff or starting their own ICT support company. 

The programme is due to start in October and will run until the end of June 2010. 

19 August, 2009
SANGONeT and World Wide Worx are currently implementing the 2009 "State of ICTs in the South African NGO Sector" research project. The purpose of the study is to establish how effectively South African NGOs are using information communication technology (ICT), and whether it is making a difference in NGOs' ability to serve their constituencies.
18 August, 2009

Johannesburg-based TV producer/director Michael Lee is now entering the second week of a fast in which he is not eating anything, only drinking water. He is doing this in support of local content, the importance of it to South Africa's identity, and the attacks on it by local broadcasters. He will be blogging about this here for as long as he lasts.

5 August, 2009

SANGONeT (Southern African NGO Network has been coordinating a regional research project into ICT4D issues in different countries in the region. Reports are produced, and then debated in Forums in the respective country. So I want to give you a quick report on the Mozambique Forum, which as you know from SANGONeT, took place on 30 July 2009.

26 July, 2009

In my work supporting NGOs in media advocacy, there's one thing that comes up again and again in conversations, but it's almost never addressed in the several toolkits and handbooks one can find on engaging the media.

Everyone working on the ground acknowledges it's a problem, but nobody seems to have much advice about how to deal with it.  I'm talking about the fact that in many countries, it's difficult to get into the news media without paying for coverage. I think it's high time that we had some serious discussion about this, and how to deal with it.

22 July, 2009
SANGONeT and E-Knowledge for Women in Southern Africa (EKOWISA) hosted the Zimbabwe Thetha Forum on 21 July 2009 in Harare.

The event formed part of SANGONeT’s Regional Thetha ICT Project which covers five Southern African countries, namely Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Botswana.

21 July, 2009
After years of complaints from customers about Windows Vista, Microsoft listened. Vista which was initially planned to have been the revolutionary operating system from Microsoft turned out to have more cons then pros with many of its users. And after a number of years of frustration they officially announced the release date of their next installment to the family called Windows 7.