The Papillon Foundation Comments on the 2012/3 Budget

Thursday, 23 February, 2012 - 23:25

It is the same old story

It is the same old story. Local government has approached us many times in the past for assistance and we were left empty handed afterwards. Papillon started social outreach English Language and computer training courses to support our charity work in 2003 and although we have thus far successfully trained 7100 needy community members, support from government has been minimal.

Are we then expected to approach the authorities humbly and cap in hand for a gratuity hand out?

Can these people then not see the great work that NPOs, PBOs and NGOs are doing in this country? Surely government financial support will assist all of us to expand our proven and successful efforts which will result in quality skills training becoming available to so many other struggling communities. 

Stephen Smith
The Papillon Foundation

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NGO Services