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Thursday, 20 October, 2005 - 12:53

The SANGONeT team has gathered a wealth of useful scholarly and policy related opinion pieces which provide a very informative foundation for understanding the local NGO landscape.

The SANGONeT team has gathered a wealth of useful scholarly and policy related opinion pieces which provide a very informative foundation for understanding the local NGO landscape.

List of Papers:

Financing ICT for Development: the EU Approach IICD,(2005)

Partnerships for Poverty Reduction:rethinking conditionality DFID, UK Policy Paper (2005)

Revamping Development Efforts, An assessment of development policy in the EU, EPC Issue Paper No. 36 (July 2005)

Engaging the new Pan-Africanism, Strategies for Civil Society Centre for Policy Studies, OSISA, AAI (2005)

Aid dependence and the MDGsDembele, D., M.,Pambazuka (Alliance Magazine 2005)

Expediting the Transfer of Funds for HIV/AIDS Programs Management Sciences for Health Occasional Paper (2005)

The Role of NGO Self-Regulation in Increasing Stakeholder Accountability Lloyd,R., One World Trust (2005)

The Potential for an Independent Regulatory Authority for NGOs in South AfricaMorgan, Y.,CAFSA,ICNL, (2005)

Aid HarmonisationSpecial Report,Development Gateway (2005)

DBSA Report Sheds Light on South Africa's Second Economy(2005) State of the Nation: South Africa 2004-2005 Daniel, J., Southall, R., Lutchman, J.,HSRC (2005)

ICTs, Globalisation and Poverty Reduction: Gender Dimensions of the Knowledge Society Huyer,S. and Mitter,S.(2003)

Improving Impacts of Research Partnerships KFPE (2004)

Welcome to the aid business! Holman, M., OpenDemocracy (2005)

Civil Society in Vietnam: Moving from the Margins to the Mainstream Sabharwal,G., and Thien Huong, T.T.(2005)

Gender & Budget International Budget Project (2005)

IMF working Paper, Aid and Growth: What Does the Cross-Country Evidence Really Show?" Raghuram,R., and Subramanian, A.,(2005)

Power to the Edges: Trends and Opportunities in Online Civic Engagement Evolve Foundation (2005)

Real Aid: An Agenda for Making Aid Work ActionAid USA (2005)

NEPAD & Civil Society Participation IDASA Africa Budget Project (2005)

Third World Debt Prof. F. Meer (2005)

Gender & ICTs for Development, Oxfam GB, KIT (2005)

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM), by Errol Goetsch (2005)

Are mainstream NGOs failing Africa? by Patrick Bond, Dennis Brutus and Virginia Setshedi (2005)

Challenges; Opportunities for reaching the MDGs in Africa, ODI Briefing Paper (2005)

Civil Society, democratisation and foreign aid in Africa IDS Discussion Paper 383,Robinson, M., Friedman,S., (2005)

Promoting Philantrophy: Global Challenges & Approaches INSP,(2004)

The Road not Taken: International Aid's Choice of Copenhagen over Beijing Eyben,R.,UNRISD(2005)

Poverty, Inequality and Labour Markets in Africa A Descriptive Overview, Bhorat, H.,DPRU, UCT(2005)

An exploratory analysis of HIV and Aids Donor Funding in South Africa Idasa Budget Brief no. 155,(2005)

Organisational Learning in NGOs Britton, B., INTRAC,Praxis Paper No.3 (2005)

Community Based Organisations: the Emerging Force within the Third Sector Fahamu SA & England, Centre for Adult Education,(CAE UKZN)(2004)

Current procedures and policies dominating aid: building strong relationships and enabling NGOs meet their stated aims? ActionAid(2005)

Paying the Price,Why rich countries must invest in the war on poverty Oxfam, Summary (2004)

Financing Development Practice: How can we start to make the difference that makes a difference? Wilson, J., Taylor, D.,UN NGO Liaison Service Newsletter,(2005)

The missionary position: NGOs and development in Africa.Manji, F.,O'Coill,C., International Affairs (2002)

Donor Commitment - What is it, what drives it and why does it matter? Sargeant, P.A., Farthing, P., Resource Alliance Newsletter,Global Connections, March (2005)

From Disaster to Development? HIV/Aids in Southern Africa. Beyond the Political & Practical Deficits of Donor Assistance. Jones, P.,Development Update,Vol.5,No.3 (2004)

A review of government and voluntary sector development delivery from 1994. Kraak, G., Development Update,Vol.3,No.4 (2001)

Political Developments in South Africa:The state of the voluntary sector. Development Update,Vol.3,No.3, (2001)

The Economics of International Aid. Kanbur,R.,Department of Economics (Cornell University) (2003)

A nation of Givers? Social giving among South Africans. Findings from a national survey commissioned by Centre for Civil Society (CCS), SAGA and NDA, (2004)

Responding to the growing socio-economic crisis?A review of civil society in South Africa during 2001-2002. By Hermien Kotze, Centre for Civil Society (CCS), Research Report 19 (2004)

Globalisation; Development Funding for NPOs in SA . By Fazila Farouk (2004)

Geographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Aid Recipients, 1960-2002 .By OECD (2004)

Globalisation; Development Funding for NPOs in SA . By Fazila Farouk and Michael Prytz, SANGONeT and CAFSA (2003)

Building Community Philanthrophy Research Project . A Southern Africa-United States Centre for Leadership and Public Values at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business initiative (2003)

An independent research report on the National Development Agency. By Michael Gardiner and Mmeli Macanda, Centre for Civil Society (CCS) Research Report 4 (2003)

Globilisation Briefing Paper . By Heather de Wet, CDRA (2002)

An independent voice?: a survey of civil society organisations in South Africa, their funding, and their influence over the policy process. By Caroline Kihato and Thabo Rapoo, Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) (1999)

From promise to delivery: official development assistance to South Africa, 1994-98. By Michael Bratton and Chris Landsberg, Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) (1999)

Questioning the crisis: international donors and the reconfiguration of the South Africa NGO sector. By Terence Smith, Donor Funding Project, School of Development Studies, University of Natal.

Results of survey on civil society in SA. Institute for Democracy in South Africa (IDASA) and Co-operative for Research and Education (CORE) for the South African National NGO Coalition (SANGOCO) (2001)

Smoke and Mirrors: The Non-Profit Sector and the National Lottery. By Stephen Louw, Centre for Civil Society (CCS) Research Report 1 (2002)

The King Report 2002 - implications for corporate social investment in South Africa. By the Southern African Grantmakers' Association (SAGA) (2002)

The politics of decentralisation and donor funding in South Africa’s rural water sector. By Mary Galvin and Adam Habib, Centre for Civil Society (CCS) Research Report 2 (2003)

The size and scope of the non-profit sector in South Africa. By Bev A. Russell and Mark Swilling, Graduate School of Public & Development Management (P&DM) and the Centre for Civil Society (CCS) (2002)

Working with the non-profit sector in South Africa. By Helle Christiansen Cawthra, with Gerald Kraak and Ntibi Maepa, CAF Southern Africa (2001)

Funding Freedom?: Synthesis Report on the Impact of Foreign Political Aid to Civil Society Organisations in South Africa.. By Reitzes, M. & Friedman, S. Research Report No. 85. Centre for Policy Studies.(2001)

Shifting Sands: The Relationship Between Foreign Donors and South African Civil Society During and After Apartheid. By Kihato, C.Research Report No. 86. Centre for Policy Studies(2001)

Trends in Civil Society in South Africa today. By Charm Govender. ANC Publications (No date)

Foreign Aid, Democratisation and Civil Society in Africa: A Study of South Africa, Ghana and Uganda By Julie Hearn. IDS Discussion Paper(1999)

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