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Knowledge Resources, July 2005 Here are the latest titles on Corporate Governance available from Knowledge Resources. All these are highly recommended and cover the full spectrum relating to governanc

Knowledge Resources, July 2005

Here are the latest titles on Corporate Governance available from Knowledge Resources. All these are highly recommended and cover the full spectrum relating to governance issues.

Boards That Deliver: Advancing Corporate Governance from Compliance to Competitive Advantage
By Ram Charan
Price: R299.00

Finally, a book that brings the vision of truly good governance down to earth. Ram Charan, expert in corporate governance and best-selling author, packs this book with useful tools and techniques to take boards and their companies to a higher level of performance.

Charan puts his finger on a growing problem for boards: the disconnect between directors’ efforts and their results. The added time and attention boards invest is not translating into better governance – that is, governance that adds value to the business.

In contrast to experts who base prescriptions on number-crunching exercises, Charan identifies the real problems that drain directors’ time and suppress their best judgments – and explains clearly and succinctly how boards can solve those problems. These battle-tested solutions help boards achieve what rules and regulations alone cannot – to get succession right, refine a winning strategy, and design a rational CEO compensation package.


Boardroom Excellence: A Commonsense Perspective on Corporate Governance
by Paul P. Brountas
Price: R275.00

Written in a concise format, the book is filled with informative practical advice for board members of private, public, and non-profit organizations. Boardroom Excellence contains an informed discussion of fundamental corporate governance issues, including the duties and responsibilities of directors and the proper interaction of the board with the CEO and management. Brountas reveals how board members can be most effective when they are independent, possess integrity, are well-informed and involved, and are proactive. Boardroom Excellence offers timely information about
§ Establishing the values and qualities that board members should possess
§ Developing an environment in the boardroom where skepticism and serious discussion are encouraged
§ Understanding what the CEO expects of the board and what the board expects of the CEO
§ Creating effective independent audit, compensation, nominating, and governance committees
§ Formulating guidelines for periodic evaluation of the performance of the board and individual board members


Leadership and Governance from the Inside Out
edited by Robert Gandossy and Jeffrey Sonnenfled
Price: R385.00

"Leadership and Governance from the Inside Out" gathers a priceless portfolio of expertise across fields and ideologies. Among the disparate voices collected here are the candid insights of both successful and failed CEOs, the passions of pioneering shareholder activists, the tradeoffs of courageous whistleblowers, the research inferences of renowned management scholars, the recommendations of insightful accountants, the wisdom of experienced attorneys, and the dreams of trailblazing regulators.

This book transcends the hand-wringing over current crises to help resolve the problems with fresh ideas about reform. Some boards continue as rubber stamps for management while others have become needlessly adversarial. This book is a vital resource for those business leaders who choose to restore or fortify the trust of shareholders and employees while safeguarding their own priceless reputations.

This book is a must for every book master!


Corporate Social Responsibility: Doing the Most Good for Your Company and Your Cause
By Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee
Price: R330.00

Philip Kotler, one of the world’s foremost voices on business and marketing, and Nancy Lee, President of Social Marketing Services, Inc., provide best practices and cutting-edge ideas on the best ways and means for corporations to maximize corporate contributions to social issues and to know what good they did. Business leaders will learn how to align their business goals with cultural and social ones; choose social issues and charities to support; gain employee support; implement successful initiatives; and evaluate their efforts.

Offering more than just a theoretical perspective, this book includes the personal insight of some of the business world’s most admired companies. Full of proven recommendations and real-world advice on social initiatives, it includes first-person stories from twenty-five business leaders from such successful and benevolent socially responsible companies as Ben & Jerry’s, IBM, Washington Mutual, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, The Body Shop, Hewlett-Packard, and American Express.


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