The value of Social Investment

Friday, 19 July, 2019 - 14:20

SANGONeT has chosen to play its role in the events of July 18 “Mandela Day” each year.  Last year our team visited the Kidshaven Centre in Benoni, where we introduced children into the world of Computers and ICT: Click here to view images. 
This year, we were fortunate to receive a handsome gift of clothing from the Rhythm City Drama (Pty) LTD under Quizzical Pictures. The clothes were in great condition as they were only used for Actors on screen. This donation was directed to SANGONeT with a view that it has links with deserving NGOs and CBOs.  Indeed, we discovered that the Kidshaven will make the donation to multiple beneficiaries; Susan Daly, of the Kidshaven responded; “Our first priority would be to check if we can use any items directly for our children and then we would sell the balance in the charity shop. Our community teams ‘shop’ in the charity shop for clothing for community beneficiaries too (they don’t pay for it!) so a donation like this has the potential to reach MANY beneficiaries AND contribute to Kids Haven’s fundraising needs.  Thank you for thinking of us.”  Therefore, SANGONeT forwarded the clothing donation – as Mandela Day gesture – to Kidshaven on Wednesday 17th July 2019.  We are, indeed, in touch with a sizeable number of NGOs and Development Practitioners on a daily basis.  The following statistics bear witness:
NGO Pulse Portal Statistics as of 17 July, 2019:

Number of subscribers                         -        155,000
NGO Pulse Twitter Followers               -        +  35,000
NGO Pulse Facebook likes                  -        + 14,625
NGO  Pulse Facebook Friends            -        +   7,000
The NGO Pulse Information Portal represents SANGONeT’s strategic response and the challenges facing the local NGO sector.  The portal is the culmination of SANGONeT’s years of experience of working in the online environment.  Launched in 2005, the Portal’s main objective is to develop the institutional capacity of the NGO sector through providing information that supports stronger management practices, among others.

This article was written by Mr Dan Thabethe from SANGONeT 


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