Call for Renewal of South African NGO Movement Activism

Thursday, 22 February, 2018 - 10:02

Now is the time for the renewal of the South African NGO movement to reclaim its progressive contribution towards national renewal through unity of purpose, common agenda and coordination

Since our last call, we have received many pledges and commitment from the sector to be involved in the renewal process, and we thank you for the feedback and encouragement. We call on all NGOs, networks and sectors at national and provincial level to spread the message and reach out to their members and constituencies across the country, provincially, regionally, locally and in rural areas and villages to ensure that we truly galvanise and reach-out to all NGOs in South Africa. Your pledge and commitment towards renewal begin with you by helping us reach out beyond urban borders. Let us all become activists, organisers and mobilisers of the sector.

The NGO sector is the only civil society sector which is not sufficiently organised and coordinated to engage effectively with the national development agenda with one, united voice. In his State of the Nation Address (SONA), President Cyril Ramaphosa outlined national priorities to re-set South Africa’s development agenda, and, among key issues he has committed to do is to “convene a Social Sector / Civil Society Summit during the course of this year to recognise the critical role they play in society”. It is thus important for the sector to convene itself to determine its agenda in the context of national development challenges and priorities, and reclaim its role.

Your continued feedback, contributions and ownership of the revival process is critical to the success of the call for renewal. Please send your comments, contributions and details where we can contact you to Kenneth Thlaka and Abie Ditlhake

 Please note important dates and events for the consultative forums

  • National Consultative Forum of NGO national sectors and networks –  28 March 2018, Gauteng (venue and agenda will be shared in due course);
  • Provincial consultative forums – April to July 2018;
  • National NGO Week/Consultative Conference  - October 2018.

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