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Free Advertisements on the NGO Pulse Portal

SANGONeT strives to support NGOs by providing free advertisement and information sharing. Currently, NGO Pulse users are able to post opportunities (vacancies, call for proposals, etc), events, press releases and blogs to the NGO Pulse portal.

Only South African registered nonprofits are eligible to publish free vacancies - limited to one advert every four weeks.

To advertise on the NGO Pulse Portal, follow the following steps:

Steps to upload your advert:

  • Register as a user on NGO Pulse ( – registration is free
  • Upload content (vacancy, event, press release etc.) – see how to upload here, and click on save

All free advertisements will be published on the NGO Pulse Portal and sent to social media within 48 hours following moderation.

NOTE: Adverts which will not be published for free:

  • Email addresses used in the advert which are not that of the NGO - this includes third party e-mail such as: Yahoo, Gmail, Telkom,, Com, Mweb accounts; or of any hosting company, and any other organisations using any other domains that is not a .Org;
  • Recruitment agencies, corporates, public and government institutions’ postings even when done on behalf of an nonprofit;
  • International NGOs and academic institutions’ vacancies. They can upload any other content free of charge on the portal.

SANGONeT appreciates your contribution and interest in advertising on NGO Pulse. We hope that for the continuation of this service those who do not qualify for free advertisement can make a contribution by utilising our Premium Advertising Service.

NGO Pulse Premium Advertising Service

The NGO Pulse Premium Advertising Service is SANGONeT's offering to the nonprofit sector and anyone interested in communicating with nonprofit organisations in South Africa.

The Premium Advertising Service integrates all of SANGONeT's advertising and communication channels into a single suite of services and provides maximum advertising exposure as opposed to SANGONeT's free advertisements.

This advertising service gives users and clients the option of distributing announcements about their activities through the NGO Pulse Premium Advertising Service mailing list [SN Announce].

To view a sample of a NGO Pulse Premium advert, click here.

The new rates available for NPOs are from R1 419 – R1 935 and for-profit/corporates R2015 – R2 322, detailed descriptions of each option are displayed in the table below:
* Please note: new rate increments will be effective from 1 April 2019.

NGO Pulse Premium SN Announce Adverts

NGO Pulse Premium Banner Adverts

*Standard rates for NGOs and Corporates

There are 3 types of Banners:

  • Premium Banner (Standard), located above the Twitter Feed - Size: 280px × 230 pixels
  • Premium Banner Ad – HPU [Half-page Unit], located on the right side of the main article image - Size: 300 X 600 pixels
  • Premium Banner (Leaderboard), located above the main article image - Size: 728 x 90 pixels

Additional benefits are now independent and clients will pay additional costs for them.

The Banner prices are per 30-day appearance on the NGO Pulse Portal and a once-off for the Newsletter appearance. All banners include three SN Announce Max Premium text adverts (with NGO related information).

SANGONeT's NGO Services Listing offers:

Company's or NGOs need to be providing services which are in-line with supporting and offering discounts to NGOs.

Once you have selected a premium option above kindly send the following:

  • Details for invoice:
    • Organisation/company's physical address;
    • Contact details (tel, fax); and
    • VAT Number if available.
  • Advert
    • Advert - word format or Image (jpeg and png); and
    • Logo.

To: Paballo Diboke at SANGONeT, E-mail:, Tel: 011 403 4935 / 011 381 3429.

Link: Rate card (PDF)

The NGO Pulse Portal provides the most comprehensive coverage of the NGO sector in South Africa. Since its inception, the portal has attracted more than 3.4 million users, visiting more than 20 million pages. Furthermore, NGO Pulse has more than 12 000 registered users (people with the ability to upload information on the portal), while more than 47 000 people subscribe to the weekly NGO Pulse e-newsletter. SN Announce messages are also distributed to a dedicated mailing list with more than 5 000 subscribers, and posted on Facebook (with more than 4 000 'Likes' and 5 000 'Friends') and Twitter (with more than 15 000 followers).

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