Women in South Africa regularly face danger and violence. Gruesome and horrifying accounts of harassment, abuse, kidnapping, rape and murder have exposed the reality. There are practical interventions that could help address the long-standing crisis
At the end of April, thousands of NGOs across South Africa failed to receive their government subsidies. As winter sets in, these custodians of the country’s most vulnerable, including children, the elderly and the disabled, have an anxious wait to see if, and when, the Department of Social Development will pay the money. And all the while, the department’s litany of financial abuses keeps growing, and the minister remains defiantly unaccountable
The WHO has said the Ebola outbreak appears to be limited to remote area of Bas-Uele province in the north-eastern part of the DRC, and that there is no need for travel restrictions for the time being
The issue of overcrowding of families in available houses was one that was constantly brought up as protests spread in the south of the city on Wednesday