Human Resource
The challenges for managing HR in an NGO arena are kind of unique, wherein you struggle to get a job-ready-talent and once someone is ready, the next challenge is to retain that talent. The evolving economic and political scenario also has added to the volatility this sector already had, making it further difficult to attract good talent & keep them committed to the cause as part of the workforce.
Unleashing Community Networks
Community networks refer to telecommunications infrastructure deployed and operated by a local group to meet their own communication needs. They are the result of people working together, combining their resources, organizing their efforts, and connecting themselves to close connectivity and cultural gaps
A “results-oriented mutual accountability” system encompassing schools, district offices and communities, an “inclusive basket of indicators” for grade 12 to ensure that schools do not simply push pass rates up by forcing weaker pupils out, and the introduction of a three-stream model, focusing on academic, technical vocational and technical occupational pathways to address the shortage of skills in a changing world.
Technological Approaches
The NGOs also use social media and fundraising tools for security and data management. Africa’s NGOs reported better usage of websites. The report indicated that 74% of NGO from Africa own websites and 87% of these websites are mobile compatible.