Language is an integral part of the identity of a people. It is at the heart of who they are, of their culture, of how they define themselves, and the most important legacy they pass to their children. We have dedicated this year’s Human Rights Day celebrations to the promotion of indigenous languages as a fundamental part of building a human rights culture.
With Industry 4.0 on the horizon, the digital component of most jobs will accelerate. To future-proof their careers, employees will be required to have different skill sets in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, drone technology, cyber security and the Internet of things.
In terms of the survey, the majority (83%) of South Africans believe the Internet can enable access to education for future generations. Using the Internet for better healthcare was also high, with 69% of South African respondents noting this as a priority. Only Poland was slightly higher at 71%, reveals Cisco. The survey also shows that more than any other country, 50% of South African respondents want the Internet to be a platform for social and political change.
"It considers individual student aptitude, learning speed, background, response and other variables. It processes the data in real-time and provides feedback to the teacher, so that the teacher can recognise flagging student attention or poor response immediately, and take corrective actions. This will improve student participation and, in the process, the overall results."